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Makeup Training


Whatever your style Kalash will turn you into the most beautiful version of yourself. Kalash is the first freelancer makeup artist in Jammu. Kalash is very conscious of the brands she endorses and uses as a professional makeup artist. I try myself to give my clients a glamorous look or natural look through my skills of makeup”. register now or you can call me for booking a slot.  

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Kalash is a professional makeup artist based in Jammu. She is one among the youngest makeup artists within the city of strives to make you look your best on your big day . Makeup may be a way for a lady to seem desire herself only prettier or more confident. She believes that a woman is of course beautiful of she uses her skills to make them feel even more beautiful. From an ideal share of lipstick to the eyeliner this provides a perfect bride makeover of makes them look gorgeous & glamorous on their wedding day. I like to share my ideas to the people around me and make them realize the beauty within every woman in this world.