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If you spend time at the beginning of the project to set up a DevOps environment and procedures properly, what you get later is regular updates to your apps. The cherry on top, that’s what a robust chatbot or voice assistant can become to your app. Bank of America reported that only 1% of their mobile customers turn off Erica, their AI-enabled chat & voice assistant. Security is everything, especially when it comes to personal finance. By adding support for fingerprint and FaceID sign-in, you make your customers feel at ease and protected at the same time. And everybody likes to tap or glance at a phone to be able to sign in.

How to develop mobile banking application

Currently, one-third of the world’s financial customers use mobile apps to do their banking, which is expected to grow exponentially. Developing a mobile app is a challenging process for developers. Before starting off any note, it is essential to know that there’s no tried and true method that works for making an app a successful venture.

Customer support

Differentiating your app starts with user research to get valuable insights into your app users’ attitudes, needs, pain points, and behaviors. User research will give you clarity on key trends and opportunities in the market. These findings will inform the overall user experience of your app. Some types of user research that Atimi conducts when creating an app include interviews, focus groups, surveys, web analytics, and competitive analysis. The outcome of a user research project should consist of a user research report, journey maps, customer insights, a competitive analysis, and recommendations.

One common and highly usable test system is Microsoft Test Manager. Like other competing products, it is designed to allow teams to collaboratively plan and measure test cases for defects. This process involves the testing of individual pieces of units of source code.

In this section, we have built a step-by-step guide tobanking app development which you must read to learn the process. The technology stack for mobile app development is like the structural integrity of the house. In order to understand how to develop a banking app on a particular technology stack, you need to know what the technology stack exactly is? Technology stack is a set of programming languages and frameworks that are used to build web as well as mobile apps. When it comes to mobile banking applications, it is obvious that this type of project should have much more security guarantors than other public applications.

Step 9: Market your app and get feedback

To make a bank application, you may need to use the following technologies depending on the platform you choose. This is another useful feature that allows users to automatically calculate a separate share of the total bill in a restaurant or other establishments visited by companies of people. Account management is a trivial functionality that includes the ability to view the balance, make money transfers , display the transaction history, etc.

How to develop mobile banking application

Instead, there are many partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions between mobile fintech startups and traditional banks. This post if you want to find out how we estimate projects and contract with clients. Now, let’s proceed to a step-by-step guide for developing a banking app. With this feature’s help, users can check their current balance and bank statement in one shot.


Here are some basic features an average Joe expects from a modern banking app. That’s it, and you already know it better if you’re in the business. Oh, and smaller banks and credit unions do play the catch-up game to retain their customers. In a digital environment, banks can no longer be limited to brick-and-mortar branches.

Even for the simplest inquiries, we had to visit the nearest bank branch. We help you digitally transform and scale your business through the power of technology and innovation. We enhance usability and craft designs that are unconventional and intuitively guides users into a splendid visual journey.

Test stages to realize that they are shielded from phishers and spam applications. It is not necessary to include password option for every mobile banking development service. These days’ banks also offer the geo-location facility, which helps the users in finding the nearest branch or ATM of that bank.

How to develop mobile banking application

It doesn’t have maintenance fees or monthly fees which is good to consider in modern mobile banking application development. The platform allows users to save extra cents each time they purchase through a debit card by rounding up the price to the next dollar and transferring it to a savings account. Ally Bank, a renowned banking mobile app development project for user account management, offers its users extensive functionality.

Influential Data Privacy and Security Guidelines in Financial Sphere

That’s when developers take the prototype and turn it into a live app. And even though your development process will largely depend on the specifics of the product, some general recommendations can help you transition smoothly. To answer these questions, you build a prototype and test it with your target audience to see if they are using it the way you envision. Fortunately, a prototype requires 10x fewer resources to build and verify than developing a full-fledged mobile app. This growing demand for remote bank services may indicate that we’ll see more apps released by smaller banks, which have been slow on adopting mobility solutions.

  • The pre-discovery phase of any development involves teams setting a firm foundation for the work to come.
  • According to Statista, by 2022, nearly 80% of all millennials in the US are expected to become regular banking apps users.
  • Mobile apps are operated with a couple of taps and the work is done.
  • A user profile should contain private customer data to reuse while making payments.

OpenGeeksLab always focuses on safety-first digital banking apps to ensure that the users’ data are safeguarded under every condition. Recently users of smartwatches can utilize them instead of a smartphone in many cases. Building a banking application with such a feature is a step towards the future. The wearables market is projected to grow by 19.48% during the 2021 – 2026 period.

How to make a mobile banking app?

Many technology-first organizations intentionally spend a lot of time and resources building such teams across disciplines to develop an app. These team roles include product managers, UX designers, mobile app developers, back-end developers, and QA engineers. The exact duration depends on whether you need a small project with minor updates to your current application or a complex one with custom banking app development from scratch. The more mobile banking app features you need, the longer it will take to develop them.

Our dedicated mobile app developers have built an app for one of our clients Mr. Douglas. He was clear with his requirements but wanted to consult us regarding how the development process will occur. Our team explained to him the complete process and helped till the project was completed.

The project team has a set of requirements and construction alternatives. It is commonly assumed that banking mobile apps will only be used by millennials and not any other age group. Most baby boomers and senior citizens still use mobile banking apps. And a percentage of millenniums are highly unsatisfied with their current banking apps which proves that the assumed target audience is wrong. While mobile banking application development, think of making your app trendy with offline mode support. Ensure users have access to necessary info even without an Internet connection.

Why mobile applications are gaining importance in the banking sector

It’s a good idea to keep the initial registration fields to a minimum, too. However, it is essential to keep in mind that launching a mobile application can damage the first impression on the user base without testing. Now that you have tested your app, it is time to launch your applications on your ideal platform.

On the off chance that you as of now have certain applications, ensure they work fine and are perfect with arranging new items regarding security. In addition, you can add a section where the users can pay their bills online for mobile phones and electricity, book flight railway or movie tickets, pay their shopping bills and much more. The transaction details should be displayed in a simplified manner so that it becomes easier for the user to understand which amount has been credited or debited from his account. The user profile contains full information of the user including his name, email id, phone number, bank account number, bank branch, IFSC code. Moreover, it is cost-effective as banks do not charge anything extra for offering the solutions.

Its fine that you have made up your mind finally that you want to get a banking app developed. But just don’t get exaggerated and dive straightaway into the development process. One of the key reasons why people are moving towards the smart banking solutions is because of the 24×7 accessibility to all the online services.

Why You Should Go for Mobile Banking Application Development

This is the sector that is fully leveraging the rise of the digital age and enhancing customer experience by taking everything online and making physical banking considerations so yesterday. Along with the security interface, the part is also very important in the success of a mobile banking app. Mobile application design UX/Ul implicates the looks and feel of a mobile application. More importantly, pagination, animation, and other techniques can be used to make the app better for the customers. Moreover, the mobile banking app also must be light and fast to attract and engage customer’s interests. In today’s technological world most people are using online mobile banking for various things.

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